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Drop and Drift

Take the drop in this hilariously foam-filled game, the closest thing you'll get to a log flume without going to a theme park! Contestants hurl themselves down the foam slide and onto the drift mat, with points scored according to distance. You'll scream, you'll bounce around and you'll definitely need to change your clothes!

The Drop and Drift slide has two separate lanes, so you can have teams racing against each other relay style. Each contestant powers down the slope in a vinyl sack, specially designed to be tough and waterproof.

Egg on your team mates, sledge the opposition and aim for a perfect drop - that's all the way to the bottom of the foam chute without getting stuck! Just remember, it looks higher than it really is when you're up there. Shut your eyes and take the plunge for a humdinger of a contest.

Because the Drop and Drift challenge is a relay, you have to wait for your team mate to clamber back up and give you your sack before you can go. That means plenty of cheering to get them motivated!

An absolute blast from start to finish, and perfect for everyone on the team to take part. Will you make the drop?

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