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Sweeper Arm

Ladies and gentlemen, places please! Two team members from each side go opposite each other on the big red counters, then all manner of mayhem breaks loose as the legendary Sweeper Arm comes into play. How long will you manage to stay on your feet with the boom arm charging towards you?

Sweeper Arm is one of the most action packed games in the Totally Wiped Out mix. To be sure of clearing the beam, you have to jump tactically. Get those legs kicking out to the side like Gene Kelly - and make sure you've got your balance back before the rotating arms come round again!

It's easy to fool yourself into thinking you've got the timing nailed. Don't be so sure! With all the laughing and jumping, you're bound to put a foot wrong and come a cropper as the inflatable arm sweeps past. And once you lose your balance the first time, it gets harder and harder to stand up again...

Sweeper Arm is played in relay rounds, with the winning team being the one whose contestants stay up the longest on each go. Fast, furious and hysterical, it'll have you breathless with laughter and pumped for another go!

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