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You can be Totally Wiped Out anywhere!

Your Totally Wiped Out day can take place wherever you want. As long as there's an open space that's roughly half the size of a football pitch with reliable access to water, you're good to go!

Totally Wiped Out can be run indoors or outdoors, so the good old British weather doesn't have to play a factor. We have measures in place to make sure your fun day comes off without a hitch even if it is outside in inclement weather.

Not sure where to hold your Totally Wiped Out day? Don't worry. As trusted event organisers with more than 15 years experience in the field, we've got a massive portfolio of suitable venues ready to go. From family parties to large-scale fundraisers and corporate days, we'll find you the perfect place to get bouncy! Our expert event organisers can find any venue, suitable for any event size, budget and theme.

We've even got a number of Totally Wiped Out hen vs stag venues permanently set up, which operate our original games and the genuine It's A Knockout games every Saturday throughout the summer season. Have a look at our Help and FAQ pages for more information, or give us a call on 01773 766 053.

Fancy taking your Totally Wiped Out day on tour? No problem. We can arrange for a fun day to happen overseas. Pack the sun tan lotion and get ready to be foamed!

Contact us for more information email sales@totallywipedout.co.uk or call 01773 766 053

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