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Obstacle Course

This is no ordinary obstacle course. The fiendishly tricky inflatable maze inside is filled with blow-up obstacles and random ground blocks. It's also got one or two surprises built in to keep you on your toes - well, your hands and knees actually!

The idea's simple. You have to beat the opposition through the obstacle course, then your player runs back to the start of the race and tags the next team member to go. The continuous course relay keeps going until we blow time.

Squeeze through the forest of inflatable obstacles, dodge the ground-based blockades and try to squirrel through the tiny exit hole before your opponent! You can go out head first or feet first, whichever's quickest for you. Just remember, you'll need to make it all the way back to the starting line before the next player on your team gets a chance to score some points!

The further you go inside the course, the harder it is to find the exit. Can you see the way out through the inflatables? Screw up your courage and head for the wall you think leads to freedom!

The obstacle course is about smarts and skill, not strength and size. Who will wriggle through and win the day?

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