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Punch Wall

Let's get ready to rumble! On one side of the inflatable wall, contestants inch their way across a big red beam. On the other side, their opponents leap from rod to rod, trying to swat the climbers off by pushing the bolts through the holes. Getting from one side to the other is a lot harder than it looks!

There are straps hanging from the wall at convenient intervals, to help the first team cross and the second team to stop them. Be careful, though - one over-enthusiastic blow to the red rods and you'll be left dangling on the end of your strap!

The Punch Wall is played in two "innings", with first one team and then the other running relay to see who's the quickest at getting across without being knocked off. You'll need to combine balance and speed to make it past the vinyl punch rods. Hang on with everything you've got and try to time your next move!

Punchers and runners are kitted out with special soft helmets, and there's a huge inflatable mat either side of the wall to catch you when you fall off. The point of the game is to stay on the blow-up beam without touching the mat. Will you make it, or get caught in the middle?

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